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  All Wheel Drive Report
Passat Wagon


For 2008, the VW web site has not improved. It's different, but not better. It opens with a cartoon of an un-named station wagon that looks like a Volvo, urging you to be "carbon neutral". Uh, pardon me, but I just want to see VW's products... I get the feeling that I'm at some ritzy French restaurant with a snooty waiter looking down his nose at me and my Yuengling and rib-eye.
A Diversity antenna is a KEY FEATURE? Are you kidding?
Whew, I feel better now.
Another issue with the VW web site is that the prices for each model on their "Build-It" pages do not match up with their prices on the model comparison pages. So, be warned... VW will be tough to figure out without a visit to the dealership, but I did all I could.

Volkswagen AWD Choices

The only AWD Passat is now a $1,950 option on the Passat VR6. It's price has leaped more than $6,000 since the last time I looked at a 2007 Passat. The AWD wagon, now called the "Passat Wagon VR6 4Motiion", dropped in price when I initially checked the VW site, but since that didn't make sense, I double checked, and it also jumped up, this time registering $39,140.
The unpronounce-able Touareg SUV is equipped with full time 4 wheel drive and the Tiptronic transmission. It shares its basic chassis with Porsche's Cayenne and Audi's Q7. For more serious off roading, it also arrives with a low range gear, to help getting un-stuck or navigating through those tricky passes. The V10 diesel brings it on with more than 550 ft/lbs of torque, and you will pay for the privilege. VW is charging in excess of $20,000 extra for the diesel power plant.
There is also a newcomer to the VW line-up for 2008. So new, in fact, that VW does not even list it as one of their cars for this year. But there is link at the bottom of some VW pages named "Meet Tiguan". (I guess TOUAREG was such a smashing success as a name, that a similarly oddball name was selected.) It is labeled a MICRO-suv by VW, but in a supreme act of corporate schizophrenia, EVERY detail available is called a "MACRO-whatever".
I'll need more valium before I can report on any specs... Well I tried my best to update the VW information for you, MY customers, because you deserve better than what VW has. Tiguan data is still nonexistent, but the images now posted look identical to the Tourareg 2, so I don't know...

2008 Passat Wagon The VW Passat VR6 with 4Motion AWD has a 6 speed automatic Tiptronic transmission that is overdriven in both 5th and 6th gears, and is equipped with an electronic stabilization program. VW's mid-sized 5 seater is also available as an "Estate Wagon". The 280hp Passat VR6 w/4Motion AWD has a 106.7 inch wheelbase in both sedan and wagon configurations. Prices for the Passat VR6 4Motion Wagon start at
$39,140 while the sedan with 4Motion added as as an option comes in at $37,940.
2008 Tourareg 2 For 2008, the Touareg is now the VW Touareg 2 on the VW web site. But not a single word on why changes to the vehicle merit the "2" designation. The 3 power plant options are now marketed as distinct models. The base Touareg VR6 FSI uses the 280hp 3.6 The V8 FSI uses the same 350hp engine as last year, and the V10TDI Twinturbo uses the same 310 hp V10 diesel. But this year, you can buy a VR6 FSI AND a Subaru WRX for the price of a V10 TDI. All models still have the 6 speed automatic Tiptronic transmission and VW's 4XMotion full time four wheel drive, with a low range gear. Prices start at $39,320

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