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  All Wheel Drive Report
2008 Volvo V50 T5 AWD


For 2008, the Volvo cars web site, in the section for comparing models, shows only the XC70 has AWD. That is an excellent example of why this web site is so important. Too many manufacturers treat their AWD products as just another optional bit of fluff added on to a base model, instead of specifically engineered vehicles with intricate drivetrains and specialized suspensions.
Model designations are a bit cryptic, but a T5 means the model carries the turbocharged 5 cylinder motor. 2.5T means the motor is a lower output turbocharged 2 5 liter engine.
For some reason, Volvo thinks annoying background music helps sell cars online... But now that I've been heavily medicated by too many Volvo TV ads (aka visual qualude) I realize that anyone the least bit alert will not be buying a Volvo, unless they are tree hugging mommies with triplets and 6 figure incomes. oh- and another thing... It would help if Volvo's "Contact us" link on the home page actually gave some contact info.

Volvo AWD Choices

There are no less than 6 AWD Volvos for the aspiring AWD owner to look into. The lowest priced AWD Volvo is the 227hp S40 T5 AWD sedan, and it runs more than $30,000.
Very similar from a visual perspective, each sedan is in fact incrementally different from its smaller siblings, while the 70 series wagons share the same wheelbase as the S60 sedan.
AutoWeek really liked their S80 T6, saying this in summary: " The seats themselves were terrific, ... the ride was quiet and smooth.... The turbo six performed nicely and was well matched to this car, which is far from a sports car. If thinking about a car for all the seasons, the Volvo S80 is hard to beat."
2007 S40 Volvo's S40 T5 AWD motor gained a few ponies and now yields 227hp. This sedan has the shortest wheelbase of the models here, at 103.9 inches. Oddly, the S40 has the most front headroom of all the sedans, though its edge is less than an inch. Prices for the S40T5 AWD start at
2008 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD The Volvo S60 2.5T with AWD sedan carries the low pressure turbo with 208hp. The Higher horsepower motor is not mated to the AWD system in this model. The S60 has a 109 inch wheelbase. It has the most front legroom of all the sedans, but only by a half inch. Prices for the S60 2.5T AWD start at
2008 S80 T6 AWD

The Volvo S80 with AWD is available in 2 flavors; T6 or V8. It sits on a longer 111.6 inch wheelbase, and the V8 pumps out 311 normally aspirated horses. The In-line 6cyl. turbo version makes 281 horses. That makes the 30 horses of the V8 cost about $233 per pony, since the V8 costs some $7,000 more. S80 T6 prices start at

2008 V50 T5 The Volvo V50 T5 AWD sports wagon has the 218hp 5cyl turbo motor mated to a 6 speed manual transmission, and sits on the same 104 inch wheelbase as the S40.With the seats folded down, the load compartment floor is entirely flat. This and the S40 have a bizarre dash panel that drops from the dash to the console, but has no sides... V50 T5 AWD prices start at
2008 Volvo XC70 The Volvo XC70 is the only model available in this series, and it comes with AWD as standard equipment. For 2008, XC70 is equipped with - for the first time ever -  a normally aspirated, 238hp six-cylinder engine. As in all modern Volvo cars, the in-line six-cylinder engine is mounted transversely. XC70 has the same 109 inch wheelbase as the V70 or the S60, so ride quality among the 3 will be about the same. Prices for the XC70 start at
2008 XC90 The Volvo XC90 can be configured with AWD as an option on the base model, although it is not advertised as such. Normally, the XC90 will be offered only with the V8/AWD combination, but you can keep a full $10,000 in your wallet if you order a base XC90 with the 235hp 3.2 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine as opposed to the 311hp 4.4 liter V8. The base XC90 with AWD starts at $38,060
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